CDM Regulations

Since the introduction of the CDM Regulations in 2007 SHE Risk performed the role of CDM Co-ordinator on thousands of construction projects throughout the UK. These included simple refurbishment work at the one end to complex multi-storey construction projects at the other end.

The new CDM Regulations came into force on 6 April 2015, with the following changes:

Principal Designer

The replacement of the CDM co-ordinator role (under CDM 2007) by Principal Designer. This means that the responsibility for co-ordination of the pre-construction phase – which is crucial to the management of any successful construction project – will rest with an existing member of the design team.


The new Regulations recognise the influence and importance of the Client as the head of the supply chain and they are best placed to set standards throughout a project.


This will be split into its component parts of skills, knowledge, training and experience, and – if it relates to an organisation – organisational capability.

SHE Risk is in a position to offer competent H&S advice and assistance to Clients, Principal Designers and Principal Contractors in order for them to comply with their duties under CDM 2015.